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The goat record keeping log book

Designed for goat owners to track up to 45 goats ; Breeding, medication, kidding, management, observation

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It is designed for goat keepers to record and organize essential activities and information of goats. In this book, you can record and analyze your observations on medication, feeding, breeding, Kidding, and management of other vital information.

What you will find inside
In this logbook, you can record important information of up to 45 goats.

Goat Index Page: You will record information such as the Goat ID, name, Registration No, Source, Date of birth, color, breed, sex, breed purpose, markings, weight, and you can also add an image of the goat.

Medical Treatment: Here, you will record any injury or illness, the form of treatment, it results, the dosage and general observation after treatment.
Feed Tracking: Here, you can record your feed strategy formula of periods, maker, amount and observed result on all growth stages.
Kidding Record: You can record up to 4 generations. You can as well record the mate breed, gestation character, due date etc. for at least 5 kids in each generation.
Special observation: You record every other observation that you notice, which could be unique to a particular goat.

This goat record keeping logbook is an essential tool for goat farmers who require adequate documentation/organization in their goat farm. This can also get this logbook as a gift for your friends and family members.


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Buy Paperback on Amazon for $7.99

Author Catherine Warren
Category Farming & Livestock Mgt
Language English
Format Printable
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